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These Exciting Lights of the Future

Are Here Now for YOU - LED Lamps!

Specially made for Australian conditions these exciting energy saving ultra-long life lamps are available to you now, direct from the Australian distributors.

Click on the product selector to go straight to our catalogue - for exciting new lamps and lamps that match your existing lamps for important information. Consider the benefits of these long lasting lamps in your home, office or commercial premises. It is important to note that the full catalogue contains many more lights for you choose from - the product picker only shows a selection of products.

Consider the benefits  

You can save up to 90% of your lighting energy use

You can instantly replace your existing lights

You can use new and innovative lights

You Can Buy Now Here On Line!

Can save up to 90% power

New generation LED Lights

Manufactured for Australian Conditions

Operate in the range 220 to 258 volts

Can handle Australian Power Surges

Environmentally Friendly

No Fire Hazard - Cool Lighting

Reduces your Greenhouse Footprint

Energy Efficient Lights

Mercury Free

No UV Radiation

 High Quality Cree components used

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